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Jennifer, left, Jackie and Bill Ayars

Jennifer, left, Jackie and Bill Ayars

Purchases of this book support The Emerald Jenny Foundation to aid families struggling with drug addiction.

One Father, Two Daughters and a Mission.

The idea for a jet-skiing trip down the Mississippi River came while poison dripped slowly into my arm. I was 50 years old and fighting non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells.

 My survival motivated me to find a mission, both to celebrate my life and to nurture my relationship with my daughters.

 Our 1,700-mile journey down the Mississippi River challenged us like nothing we had done before. It became a turning point in our relationship. We became a team determined to reach the finish.

 The completion of the trip was supposed to be the end of this story — and the end of this book. But on February 25, 2016, Jennifer died of a drug overdose — a loss that has been deep and painful beyond what I have ever experienced.

 So I've launched the Emerald Jenny Foundation to help other families struggling with drug addition, so that Jennifer's memory will live on to aid others. Ten dollars from each book sold will go to the foundation. []

 This book is for you, my dear co-pilot, friend and lovely daughter, Jennifer Emerald Ayars. 


All photography provided by Bill, Jackie and Jennifer Ayars and Susan Tarry



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